Here is the detailed explanation on Document Series.

Document Series

This is a code which is used to represent a unique identity of records in a series (A Document Series).

Here is how it works:

  • What is document series?
  • How to create a document series?
  • How to map to a Form such as General Accounting Group, Sales Order, Purchase Order, etc…?

What is document series?

Document series are codes which are used for a unique identity of each and every transaction made in the application software.

Let us take a Sales Order for an example:

When we make a Sales Order, we used to use a code to uniquely identify it, say SAL001/2016-17

Here SAL is the brief of Sales Order, 001 is the serial number of Sales Order and 2016-17 is the Fiscal year on which the Sales Order is made.

It means that this is the first Sales Order made in the Fiscal Year 2016-17.

So, when we create a next Sales Order, document series will be SAL002/2016-17 and will be taken automatically by the system itself.

Likewise, we can create our own document series for each and every Form in the application software.

By default, the system has list of predefined document series for each and every Form/Screen in the application software as shown below, 

for example, here ACS is also a system default value which is mapped to General Accounting Group.