You can delete the document when the status is in “Draft”.

If the document is not a draft, kindly follow the below steps.

Case 1: If the document status is “Posted”


Step1: Click on Reverse Post button available in bottom of the document and input the comments/reasons (it is required, before deleting the record).

After reverse post, you can see the buttons like below. Now you can update, post again or delete the invoice.


Note: If the Reverse button is not available or invisible, Kindly check the User Role permission (at Home > Tenant Control Panel > User Setup > Role Module Form Mapping )

 to find whether the particular User and Role is having permission to perform this action. Kindly refer How to map a user roles and permissions with module forms.


Case 2: If the document status is “Referred”


Step1: Check the references to find out where this document is being referred (at the right side).



Now, if the document is being referred with Shipment then

Step 2 : You have to Reverse Post and Delete all the shipments at Home> Store> Transaction> Shipment which is referred with the particular Sale Invoice

Step 3 : After deleting all the shipments that referred to this invoice, check the same Sale Invoice again, you will find Reverse Post button.

Step 4: Now you can Reverse Post and Delete the Sale Invoice


Note: Follow the same steps / procedures in case the Sale Invoice is mapped or referred with Receipt (at Home> Account> Transaction> Receipt Voucher )

It’s done