Managing assets and maintaining their condition is quite a challenging task. 

Using OnclouldERP you can schedule the Maintenance and raise a Repair Request for an asset.

OncloudERP provides you an insight of Maintenance log report and Repair List as well.


Steps to follow:

Step 1: Create a Check List to schedule the maintenance, 

Navigate to Assets---->Setup---->Check List

Step 2: Navigate to Assets---->Transactions---->Maintenance schedule List and create new.

Scheduled Maintenance can be viewed in the Maintenance Log List

Assets----->Transactions----> Asset Maintenance Log List

You can view the planned, Completed & Cancelled in the Log list  

Repair Request:


Assets---->Transactions---->Repair Request

Pending Request List:

Assets---->Transactions---->Pending Request List

  Using Pending Request List you can view the requested asset. By selecting the asset you can either make Check Out or Decline

You can even update the Scan By field if required. Selecting the user from whom the E-way Bill can be generated.