OnCloudERP's Human Resource Management Module helps you to track different people-related functions, such as planning, payroll, administration, development, hiring, and more. 

Department & Designation

You can create a new as required

Department and Designation are one of the mandatory fields in Employee Registration


Locations and address can be configured for the employees which will get fetched while registering employee details.

Salary Structure 

You can define how Salaries are structured and calculated based on Earnings and Deductions. 

Employee Registration

You can update relevant information of an employee.

Employee details such as Name, Designation, Department, Date of Joining, Locality.

Expanding Personal Details includes Date Of Birth which is Mandatory and other information such as Educational details & work Experience if any.

Gross Amount (Monthly) is mandatory while the Salary Structure details can be added if required.

Salary Components 

Salary components such as Basic, HRA, Allowance, Incentives, Etc.. can be added.

You can even set the Salary Type [Earning or deduction] & Calculation type [ Percentage or Fixed Amount]

Employee Type & Leave Type

Employee type [Permanent, Contract] and Leave type [Casual Leave. Sick Leave etc] can be defined.

Holiday List

You can create standard Holiday-List for your employees.  Even you can set different holiday lists based on different locations or departments.

Leave Allocation

You can allocate a number of leaves to different types of leave

Calendar Setting

You can define Business hours time. You can set the business hours timezone to different locations

Pay Period Setting 

You can set a regularly scheduled period of time that establishes when employees get paid.  

Also, you can structure the pay period either by Weekly or monthly based on your need.