OncloudERP’s Asset management module provides the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of enterprise assets. It contains all goods in the company that are considered fixed assets, or if necessary, inventory objects.

Creating an Asset:

Step 1: Before you can create an Asset, you need to create an Item with 'Is Fixed Asset' checkbox ticked.

Step 2: An Asset Category needs to be assigned to that item.

An important step towards asset management is creating Asset Category based on the type of assets. 

For ex, all your desktops and laptops can be part of an Asset Category named "Hardware".

Step3:  Select the Location 

In OncloudERP you can create a 'Location' for each of your warehouses and track the assets that are present in different locations.

Navigate to Assets--- > Asset---- > Add New.

Step 4: Enter a name for the asset.

Select the Item, Asset category, Asset owner, Location and the Purchase Value is the mandatory fields to be updated. 

"SAVE" the created asset.