With OnCloudERP, you can easily track your item using serialized inventory.

Using serial numbers with your inventory items allows you to track individual inventory items from purchase to sale.  

A serial number is a unique number in a sequence that identifies an item. 

  1. Toggle "ON" the option "Has Serial Number" for an item in the item master
  2. Create a Serial number in the inventory for the item you want to track with serial number
  3. You can configure the serial number for an item to be either "Manually" typed or "Autofetched" while creating the serial number.

Enable serial number for an item under 

Inventory---->Item---->Select the item---->Production Information---->Turn ON "Has serial Number"

Create Serial Number under 

Inventory---->Setup---->Serial Number  either "Manual" or "auto-fetch".

After that, you can select the item in the item inward to which you can define the serial number configured for that particular item.

Items can be tracked using the serial number in the Stock Ledger.