With OnCloudERP it is now easy to manufacturing a product with raw materials, components etc.. using Production Module.

Below are the setup need to be configured for the process of manufacturing.

  1. Production Bill Of Material
  2. Process
  3. Routing Setup
  4. Production Serial Number

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1. Production Bill Of Material (BOM):

In OnCloudERP BOM (Bill of Material) is a list of Raw Material, Parts, Components, Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies in a hierarchy format needed to make one unit of the Product. 

BOM is the Master Data in the Production Planning function of Manufacturing and central to other functions as well. 

Any item that can be found in the final boxed product needs to be included at some level of the manufacturing BOM. 

2. Process:

3. Routing Setup: 

4. Production Serial Number:

You can add serial Number for the Items that are manufactured and Processed. 

"Has Production Serial Number" need to be enabled for the item under Item Master to configure it.