Stock Adjustment:

Stock Adjustment can be used to correct the stock levels at any time

Stock Adjustment shows the positive and negative value if the stock to adjust.

Stock Adjustment entry arises when you want to make adjustment between two similar items defined in item master like you can do adjustment of an item which is short in stock against the one which is not .

You can do these adjustments for both quantity and Cost or only cost or quantity of the items depending on your requirement

For Ex; The system says there is 20 in stock of a product in a particular item but on count there is only 19. An adjustment can be made at that time,

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Stock Transfer:

Using Stock Transfer you can adjust/ transfer the existing quantities between companies and departments and different locations (warehouse) 

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Difference between stock transfer and stock adjustment:

  • Stock Transfer adjusts stock quantities between departments whereas,
  • Stock Adjustment make absolute changes to the quantity of stock the company holds.