In OnCloudERP to measure the quantity of the material Unit Of Measure is used. In other words Unit Of Measure is used to express the quantity. 

Quantities of warehouse items/stocks  are counted using the base unit of measure (UOM). 

Quantities in alternative units of measure are always converted to the base unit of measure for calculation purposes.

UOM are used in Purchase, Sales, Production modules of OncloudERP while adding an item/stock.

Any New Unit Of Measurement can be added under Store--->Setup---->Unit of Measurement-->Add new.

Adding UOM Name and if the measurement Is floating would be required to SAVE the new UOM.

For ex, weight is a physical quantity. The Kilogram is a unit of weight that represents a definite predetermined weight

Box of pencils in the warehouse.  OncloudERP calculates it as 1 Box(BASE UOM) =12 pencils. When you add 2 boxes in the Item Detail's Unit of Measurement it will be calculated as 2 Box=24 Pencils.