In OnCloudERP it now easy to request for a stock using "PURCHASE INDENT" as a separate form.

Purchase Indent is an internal company document used in the purchasing process to authorize the requisition of materials prior to initiating a purchase order.

Navigate from BUY module and select "PURCHASE INDENT" under Transaction.

+ADD NEW option will let you create a new purchase request.

PURCHASE INDENT can be raised as a 

  •         Direct Purchase request
  •         From Sale Order
  •         From BOM (Bill of Material)

Direct Purchase Request:

     You can create a new Purchase Indent by updating information like Reference and Item Details and raise it as a Purchase Order.

From Sale Order:

    You can fetch the on demand stock sold using the Sale Order code and customer name from the sale order list.

    It will fetch all the line Items of the sales order and bind it into purchase indent. 

From BOM:

     You can fetch the stock to added in the production using production Bill of material name and code from the BOM list.

     It will fetch all the BOM Items and bind it into purchase indent.