SALE ORDER FORM FLOW IN DIFFERENT WAYS


You can create a New sale order in several forms as follows,

  • Open sale Order

  • Copy Sale Order

  • From Estimation 

  • From Quotation

Open Sale Order :

  Process of Order, Shipment, Invoices and Receipts would be a Direct Sale order.

Copy sale Order :

    This option helps you when there are two or more sale Order to be created with the same information. 

From the "Copy Sale Order" it copies all the data from the sale order list chosen. 

From Quotation :

    Sale Order can be created through Quotation.

From CRM---->Transaction---->Quotation---> Sale order can be raised. 

Also, you can pull the details "From quotation" into the new sale order.

From Estimation :

    You would be able to create sale order "From estimation" directly in the sale order.