Sales order (SO), is an order issued by a business or from vendor to a customer. 

A sales order may be for products and/or services. 

Quick guide to create a Sale Order form in Onclouderp,

  •    Open the sale Module from the homepage

  •    Under Transaction select “sale Order”

  •    Select  "Add new" to create a sale order form.


  1.     Mandatory fields such as Customer name, Customer address, Reference and shipping need to be updated.
  2.     You can add other information if required.
  3.     Item details should be updated as well.
  4.     Tax ,HSN and Terms and condition can be added if applicable to the sale order.

Once all the Basic information of the sale order added, 

Click SAVE to proceed to the next step. 

Any open sale order can be raised directly to invoice or shipment based on the requirement.


This form fetches the customer name, shipping address, Branch details and even item details from the sale order form.

  1. Posting Date and shipping quantity of an item is mandatory and other fields can be filled if required.
  2. "Update" and "Post" to proceed to the Sales invoice form.


Invoice form will fetch the information from the sale order created and the shipment processed.

  1. Posting date" and other fields to updated if required. 
  2. Payment structure" and "Due date" are mandatory fields to be updated and posted.


By Selecting Receipt from the navigation you will be redirected to the receipt form where you have to update the details of the invoice that is generated against

Invoices can be against  ----->Receipt from customer

                                           ------>Refund from Vendor

                                                 ------->Refund from employee

By selecting the desired option you have to update the Business partner details, posting date, Payment, Receipt mode, Bank information, and other fields if any to save the form and generate a Sale order invoice.

"SAVE" and "POST" receipt to generate billing information sent to the customer/vendor.