For Example: Workflow for making Wooden Table


To produce Wooden Table we need few raw material and processes as follows:


Raw Materials required: 

  1. Plywood for table top
  2. Wood Batten for table leg
  3. Iron Nail for fixing
  4. Wood polish for polishing.


Process to be carried (with appropriate tools): 

  1. Trimming
  2. Assembly
  3. Polishing


Steps to be followed to account the production Item


Step 1: Go to Store > Setup > Item > Add New to create Item for

  1. Plywood
  2. Wood Batten
  3. Iron Nail
  4. Wood polis
  5. Dining Table


Note: Assign required UOM (Unit of Measurement) and product posting group for every item / product we create at Item Master.


Here, Dining Table is a production item, so we need to follow the BOM and Process Setup steps


Step 2: Production Setup


Step 2.1: Go to Produce > Setup > Process > Add New Processes as required


Here, we need to add/create process as shown below


  1. Trimming
  2. Assembly
  3. Polishing


Step 2.2: Go to Produce > Setup > Routing Setup > Add New to setup production costs


Here, the cost of man hours involved for making one Dining Table can be structured like below




Step 2.3: Go to Produce > Setup > Production Bill of Material> Add New (Ensure and click on “confirm” button after saving)


Here, the list of raw materials and its quantity required for making one Dining Table can be structured like below.

The BOM document must confirmed (click on “Confirm” button) after finishing the BOM structure, then only it will be available to select in the production Item (Dining Table)


Note: you cannot modify or delete the confirmed BOM (Bill of Material).




Step 2.4: Go to Sell > Setup > Item List




Here, the List View all Items, Find the Production Item (here Dining Table) and click on it as shown above.




Select and link with the BOM and Routing setup in the production (Dining Table) and Update/Save the Item.


Note: Set the Stock Policy properly (Next to BOM field), There are two option for Stock policy


1. Make to Stock: It means without any Customer order you can produce the Item/Product

2. Make to Order: It Means, the production can be initiated based on customer order.


Here I set Stock Policy for Item (Dining Table) as “Make to Stock”; by this I can go with production order.


Step 3: Go to Produce > Transactions > Production Order > Add New to create New Production Order




We have to give input the number of quantity (here I mentioned 2 quantity) to be produced and Confirm the Order by clicking the Confirm button.


Step 4: Go to Produce > Transactions > Consumption Journal> Add New > Select From Production Order


Note: To execute the Consumption Journal we must have required raw material stock in hand at Source or From Location.



Make sure that you have selected the following field in Consumption journal.



  • From Location (this is Raw Material Source Location)
  • WIP Location (this is WIP or Production Process Location)
  • Item (This is the Production Item / Product we are going to produce)


After selecting the above details, the required BOM Items and quantity will be loaded in the grid in consumption journal BOM Item List.

Here, we can consume or transfer the full / partial quantity to process the production.


1. Manually you have to feed the raw material quantity to be transferred to process location as shown below.

2. Select the posting date and post the document.


It will Credit Inventory ledger and Debit the Work in Progress A/c at Chart of account.



Step 5: Go to Produce > Transactions > Output Journal> Add New


1. Select from Production Order

2. Select the To Location (Finished Goods) to Stock update.

3. Select the Item for Production to be executed.

4. Quantity:  This will be automatically retrieved based on Production Order no and the Item selected. We can do partial production also.

5. Select the Check Box Consumption Journal Details. The list of consumption entries will be listed based on the production order no.

6. Post the document.



After Posting the Output Journal. System will totally reduce the raw material quantity and its cost; also update Production Item Stock Quantity with its cost.

And, the Account Ledger Posting will be


  • Debit the Finished Product Ledger A/c
  • Credit the Work in Progress Ledger A/c
  • Credit the Production Overhead Ledger A/c


Step 6: Go to Store > Statements > Stock Balance> to view Stock Balance