Quick Setup

Click here to sign up for the OnCloudERP software.

The setup wizard helps you to complete some basic setup like creating your company, item, customer and supplier. After your trial subscription, the quick setup will help you to create any transactions in the applications.  

After Successful Sign up Process. "Click here" to login to the account.

Select "Setup Now" to Setup your organization in just five simple steps and get started...



Here is a quick overview of the 5 steps:  

STEP 1: Language

Subscriber can select their available native language*   

STEP 2:  Organisation Details

User can add name of the company and other details.

STEP 3: Business Partners (Customer and vendor)

User can create information like name of the customer and vendor. 

STEP 4: Item Details

User can create name of the item and Base Unit of measurement.

STEP 5: Finish

After completing these steps, you can create the Purchase Order or Sales Order straight away.