There are nine voucher types available in the journal entry form.

Voucher Types

  1. Contra ( for bank to bank or cash to bank entries)
  2. Sales (for sales vouchers)
  3. Purchase (for purchase voucher)
  4. Bank (for bank Vouchers)
  5. Cash (for cash voucher)
  6. Debit Note (for purchase returns)
  7. Credit Note ( for sales returns)
  8. Open (for entering opening balances)
  9. Journal Voucher (general adjustment entries)

To make journal entries we need to select business accounting group and posting dateIn bank voucher , additionally we have to select the bank name and date of realization.

Type , Party and Ledger Name

"Type" field can be used to make journal entry for customer,vendor,bank and employee. "Party" field is applicable only if "Type" field is selected. If Party account have accounting setup ( customer accounting setup for Customer master, vendor accounting setup for Vendor master, bank post group for Bank master and employee posting setup for Employee master.) then Ledger name get loaded, otherwise we have to select the ledger account manually.

Check this at  Account > Transactions>Journal Entry